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El Lince - Brasil

Notes of chocolate, walnuts and red grape.

11,50 - 38,00

11,50 - 38,00

REGION: Closed Mineiro
PROCESS: Pulped + Natural
ALTITUDE: 1.300m
SCREEN: 16/18
VARIETY: Red & Yellow Catuaí
PRODUCER: Daterra Coffee
FARM: daterra
ATTRIBUTES: Low tartaric acidity, with a pronounced and buttery body.
Profile Traditional



Flavour Chocolaty
SCA score 86.25

The Lynx arrives from the region of Closed Mineiro, one of the coffee regions par excellence in the eastern half of the country between Brasilia and Sao Paulo. This region is known for producing coffees that stand out for their sweetness, body and consistency; attributes which allow us to have one of those Espresso that adapts to all the public.

The Lynx It is our flagship coffee, and as a flagship coffee it needed a special name. Directly from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil, we get this coffee with a chocolaty profile and pronounced body, ideal for the most classic and elegant palates. In short, in a cup of The Lynx, we will be in front of a cafe suitable for everyone.

Our El Lince coffee has Rainforest® Certification. This certification ensures production under sustainable and ethical standards.

Espresso Recipe 19gr IN – 35gr OUT / 29″ – 93º

Recommended use ESPRESSO / MOKA

Coffee with traditional and chocolaty flavors with hints of chocolate, nuts and red grapes. Low acidity and elegant body.

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