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Nyoka - Kenya

Notes of Peach, Blackberry and Cane Sugar.

15,00 - 48,90

15,00 - 48,90

ALTITUDE: 2.200m
SCREEN: 18/19
VARIETY: Batian, K7, Ruiru 11, SL28 & SL34
PRODUCER: Various Producers
FARM: Cooperative
ATTRIBUTES: Medium intensity citric and malic acidity. creamy body
Profile Exotic



Flavour Fruity
SCA score 85

This is the second coffee that comes to us from the coffee-growing region of Nyeri, one of the most important in the country, located in the western half and north of the capital Nairobi. It has been produced by a local cooperative, founded in 2009 and supported by the Kenyan government in order to improve and address various challenges faced by coffee farmers, related to production, quality and marketing.

The Nyeri coffee region, located between 1600 and 2200m above sea level, offers us exceptional coffees due to its climate whose temperature ranges between 10 and 30ºC. The annual rainfall is about 1000mm, with a soil rich in minerals, a volcanic bottom and well drained.

The process of this coffee is the traditional washing in wet processing, drying in African beds.

nyoka which means Cobra in Swahili, is a community coffee, a fusion of the work of several coffee farmers who have put the best of their harvests to create a coffee that perfectly reflects this collaborative spirit of the Kenyan people. Spirit reflected even in the great diversity of varieties that compose it and that perfectly combined have resulted in a very sweet coffee with notes of stone fruit such as peach and a sweetness reminiscent of cane sugar.

Nyoka is a coffee exotic profile middle and floral aroma to which we have given a roast that we recommend for Espresso. With a medium citric acidity, in the cup its cleanliness and creaminess stand out.

So watch out for Nyoka, because no antidote to her bite has yet been found. If you taste it, the golden-brown poison of her will course through your veins and you won't be able to forget her scent ever again.

Espresso Recipe
19gr IN – 42gr OUT / 26″ – 93º



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Coffee exotic profile. Notes of peach, blackberry and cane sugar


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