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Nyati - Kenya

Notes to Mora, Panela and Dark Chocolate.

17,00 - 61,60

17,00 - 61,60

REGION: Murang'a
ALTITUDE: 1.850m
SCREEN: 18/19
VARIETY: Ruiru 11, SL28 & SL34
PRODUCER: Mercy Murathe
FARM: ibutiti
ATTRIBUTES: Medium intensity malic and tartaric acidity. creamy body
Profile Exotic



Flavour Fruity
SCA score 87.5

William Murath he was the head of the Ibutiti estate for almost 50 years. He was not only a coffee grower, but a successful businessman. In his early days, William built a wine and spirits import and distribution business and later dabbled in politics, even going so far as to represent his Parliament.

William may have been very enterprising but he was extremely committed to his coffee. He built the small washing station that became established in the 80s and the family home on the farm soon after. The washing station is meticulously clean and has a small, complete warehouse where all the parchment can be stored and conditioned.

Unfortunately he passed away in 2017, but luckily for all his wife Mercy Murathe took the reins and followed in her husband's footsteps with great pride. With more than 25 years of experience, Mercy is one of the most important producers in Kenya and is the creator of jewels like this big coffee.

New year, new harvest and back to work with Mercy Murathe, the producer in charge of the Ibutiti farm, one of the most important in Kenya and one of the most joyful in the form of filters that have brought Hidden Coffee Roasters.

Nyati which means Buffalo in Swahili, is the new coffee with an exotic profile and fruity flavors that comes to us directly from the Murang'a coffee region in southern Kenya. This coffee that we recommend for filter is a very sweet coffee with very marked notes of red fruits, with medium intensity tartaric and malic acidity. 

When you prepare Nyati, you will get an extremely clean, uniform and creamy cup result. A juice of forest fruits of 87.5 SCA points.


Recipe V60
20gr / 300gr total water / 93º / total time 3:00″



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Coffee exotic profile. Notes of blackberry, panela and dark chocolate.


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