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Murciélago - Nicaragua

Notes of Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Hazelnut Cream.

15,60 - 56,20

15,60 - 56,20

REGION: New Segovia
ALTITUDE: 1.400m
SCREEN: 18/19
VARIETY: Maracaturra
PRODUCER: Isacio Javier Albir Vilchez
FARM: Agua Sarca
ATTRIBUTES: Medium tartaric and citric acidity, with a creamy body.
Profile Exotic



Flavour Fruity
SCA score 87.5

One of the most striking characteristics of Murciélago is its variety, Maracaturra. It is a hybrid between Maragogipe and Caturra, a fairly common coffee in Nicaragua which is characteristic for its size but above all for its cup profile; tropical fruit and bright acidity. 

The farm Agua Sarca Located in the coffee region of Nueva Segovia, it has 69 hectares devoted to coffee cultivation. The coffee trees have an average age of 9 years, and are found on sandy soil. The Albir family has been dedicated to the world of coffee for 3 generations, improving harvest after harvest and followingspecific controls in its production that range from cutting coffee at its optimum moment, control of the hours during fermentation, climatic records and monitoring of drying, among others.

Isacio Javier It has been producing coffees for more than 16 years and considers that one of the critical points in the production process of its coffees is the moment of selection and harvesting; do it at the optimal point of maturation, and drying. The passion and love for this fruit is what has led him to continue the family business.  

Murciélago is the name with which we have baptized this new exotic coffee that comes to us directly from Nueva SegoviaIn Nicaragua. The animal, very present in the Nicaraguan fauna with more than 98 species registered in the country, is at the same time one of the most misunderstood in constant danger, not only due to the destruction of its habitat but also due to the lack of information.

As a coffee, Murciélago is a breath of fresh air. Our first washed Nicaragua in a long time that doesn't come at a better time. One of those coffees that you don't want to end up in a cup; creamy and fruity with notes of tropical fruit and a characteristic sweetness that will remind us of fresh butter or hazelnut cream.


Espresso Recipe
18,5gr IN – 39gr OUT / 29″ – 93º


Exotic profile coffee . Notes of passion fruit, raspberry and hazelnut cream. 


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