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Flamingo - Brazil

Grapefruit, Peach and Vanilla.

12,00 - 39,00

12,00 - 39,00

REGION: Closed Mineiro
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1.150m
SCREEN: 16/18
VARIETY: Bourbon & Yellow Catuaí
PRODUCER: Daterra Coffee
ATTRIBUTES: Pronounced malic acidity with honeyed body.
Profile Exotic



Flavour Fruity
SCA score 87

The region Closed Mineiro It is located about 1200m above sea level, where its climate, land rich in minerals and its proximity to the sea, lakes and springs make this ecosystem one of the most important in the world, ideal for growing coffee. The farm daterra, has done an incredible job in the last 40 years of protecting and improving it, thus being a benchmark in innovation and sustainability.

Our long-awaited Sundrop arrives again and makes it renewed and more exotic than ever. We have the honor to introduce you today to Flamingo, our natural process with an exotic profile direct from the Cerrado Mineiro region in Brazil. 

Flamingo comes to us thanks to the Daterra Estate whose work in the area is vital to get cafes like this. Fruity flavors with notes of grapefruit, peach and vanilla that in the cup become an extremely sweet and clean drink, achieving a creamy body and aromas of stone fruit and ripe fruit, and even caramel.


Espresso Recipe
18,5g IN – 36gr OUT / 28”-32” – 93,5º

Recipe V60
20gr / 315gr total water / 94º / total time 3:30″

Blooming (50gr)
1st pour (200gr)
2nd pour (315gr)

Recommended use
Omni-Roast Coffee (valid for all extraction methods).


Coffee exotic profile and fruity flavors. Notes of grapefruit, peach and vanilla.

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