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Drip Coffee Tembo - Kenya

Notes to Grape, Red Apple and Lychee.



ALTITUDE: 1.800m
SCREEN: 16/17
FARM: Kyaka Farm
ATTRIBUTES: Pronounced malic and tartaric acidity with a creamy body.
Profile Exotic



Flavour Fruity
SCA score 87.5

The coffee region of Nyeri Located between 1600 and 2200m altitude, it offers us exceptional coffees due to its climate, whose temperature ranges between 10 and 30ºC. The annual rainfall is about 1000mm, with a soil rich in minerals, with a volcanic background and well drained.

Here at the  Kiyaka estate They go to great lengths to maintain the quality of these coffees, manually selecting the ripest cherries and delivering them the same day to the washing or wet processing station, where they are sorted to remove damaged or underripe coffee cherries before pulping.

The process of this coffee is the traditional washing in wet processing, drying in African beds.

Tembo which means elephant in Swahili is the new high-profile coffee that comes to the Hidden Coffee Roasters family making noise and destroying everything in its path. With an SCA score of 87.5 points, this washed coffee from exotic profile It is aimed at anyone looking for fruit flavors, since Tembo has marked notes of grapes, red apples and lychees with an aftertaste reminiscent of raspberry.

This is a brutally clean and uniform coffee with a very elegant tartaric and malic acidity and a creamy body that makes this Kenyan coffee an exceptional and round cup. They say that an elephant can remember you all your life, because the same thing will happen to you when you try our Tembo.

Drip-Coffee Recipe
Heat 200ml of water to 94º >> Pour 30ml and wait 30sec >> Pour the rest and wait 2:00min >> Your coffee is ready, enjoy it.

Drip Coffee by exotic profile and fruity flavors. Notes to Grape, Red Apple and Lychee. Pronounced malic and tartaric acidity with a creamy body.  

Our Drip Coffee Bags by Hidden Coffee Roasters® are the way to get quality coffee wherever you are. You will only need hot water and a cup to enjoy it without losing any of its properties and in just a few minutes. High quality, sustainable, fair trade coffee and now easier to prepare.


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