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Join the Hidden Coffee Roasters movement and let's transform today's world of coffee together.

Our years of experience and trajectory within the world of coffee allow us to provide comprehensive advice to our customers and distributors, whether in the choice of machinery, letter creation, space design, etc. Everything you need to create a seamless and easy service that will ensure the success of your space.

Hidden® formations

We have the best AST (authorized trainers) by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), to be able to train and certify professional Baristas.

We are very proud of the Hidden® training developed especially for our distributors, creating the best tandem to carry it out in the easiest and most professional way.

Corporate events

Are you thinking of organizing an event with quality coffee? Do you want to offer an exclusive tasting to your clients?

Our team of lynxes is ready for any challenge. It doesn't matter how big or small it is; congresses, fairs or corporate events, we adapt to the needs of each client, we travel to any part of the world and we give the necessary support to make any idea you have in mind come true. Our service is comprehensive, we include high-end machinery, specialty coffees with all traceability and certified baristas. Get in touch with us to start off.

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