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Our specialty coffee, in your space

If you also want to offer high quality coffee, fair and sustainable treatment in your space, we would love to serve you and welcome you to the Hidden Coffee Roasters family.

Whether you have a restaurant, cafeteria, office or hotel, write to us now and together we will develop a project tailored to your needs.

In your Restaurant/Cafeteria.

We are not just to sell you coffee, that has never been our philosophy.
Our mission is to give you support and tools necessary to grow your business and provide your customers with the best service through our advice, our training and our machinery.

In your Hotel.

We know the importance of offering the best service to your customers, we have products focused on your hotel that will make your guests' stay unforgettable.

Imagine being able to offer high quality coffee both inside and outside the hotel and thus form part of the vital experience of your client.

In your office.

Working in an office does not imply not being able to enjoy high quality coffee, fair and sustainable treatment without wasting time. With our super-automatic machines you can have coffee from barista quality in a few seconds.

We also help you create a comprehensive experience for your team through tastings, workshops, team building actions or any other project you have in mind.

In your Event.

If you have to organize an event and you are looking for the most professional coffee option, at Hidden Coffee Roasters we have worked at all levels; from great international congresses, even small private events. Contact us now and together we will develop a project tailored to your needs.

Join the Hidden® Movement and let's change the world of specialty coffee together.

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